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Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment

Non 12 Step Treatment Program

Breaking away and finding a non 12 step treatment program be what you need.

When talking about alcohol treatment, most people think of meetings and 12 step programs, but many people don’t realize that there are a number of great non 12 step alcohol treatment options available. Twelve step treatment is a great and valid healing option, and it’s very effective for many alcoholics, but some people simply don’t take to this kind of treatment. For those individuals who may need a break from more conventional treatment options, a non twelve step alcohol treatment program may be the best way to receive effective treatment that fits their specific needs.

What’s the Difference Between Twelve Step and Non Twelve Step Alcohol Treatment?

If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism, doing some research on different treatment methods is an important step to take before beginning rehab. You should start by learning the differences between 12 step and non 12 step alcohol treatment. The main differences are in the following areas:

    • non 12 step alcohol treatment is not based on rigid “steps” for recovery
    • 12 step treatment is founded on faith and religion; non 12 step alcohol treatment is not
    • non 12 step treatment focuses on the medical and biological causes and effects of alcoholism, whereas 12 step programs tend to focus on psychological healing and repairing

Twelve step treatment is based on a set of twelve milestones or “steps,” all leading to the end goal of sobriety and abstinence from alcohol. Non twelve step alcohol treatment, then, is treatment that does not involve the use of these set-in-place steps. Rather, patients work at their own pace to reach their own recovery milestones. Because of this, non 12 step treatment is much more individualized than 12 step programs.

In addition, the traditional 12 step approach is based on religious principles; many of the steps involve placing faith onto a higher power, and seeking a better relationship with God. And while many modern rehab centers have reduced or eliminated any references to specific belief systems in their 12 step programs, most are still spiritual in nature. Non twelve step alcohol treatment programs generally do not presume that patients should have an affiliation with any specific religion; the focus is solely on the healing and recovery processes, and on dealing primarily with the medical causes and repercussions of the patient’s alcoholism.

Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment: An Effective Alternative Approach

Though 12 step programs are the “original” method of treatment for alcoholism, that doesn’t mean they are the most effective for everyone. Non twelve step alcoholism treatment is becoming more widely available and sought out, because of its proven effectiveness for many recovering alcoholics. Anyone who is considering getting help for their alcoholism, or for a friend or family member who is suffering, should learn about the important differences between twelve step and non twelve step alcohol treatment. By understanding some of the alternative options, those who are looking for help can decide whether a non 12 step alcohol treatment approach is the right solution.