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12 Step Alcohol Treatment

12 Step Treatment

12 Step treatment can help you get the strength you need to recover!

The 12 step alcohol treatment method has been around since the 1930s, and it remains one of the most widely used and sought-after addiction recovery methods today. And though there are many more treatment options available than there were when the 12 step system was first created, many people find that this is still a relevant and effective treatment option.

What is 12 Step Treatment?

The 12 step treatment method is composed of twelve guiding principles, each one a step on a larger path to healing and sobriety. The recovery process is meant to address all aspects of health–physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional.

The nature of the 12 steps is that an alcoholic must complete the steps sequentially, and he or she must complete one step before moving on to the next. And though many treatment facilities have adapted the 12 step alcohol treatment model to fit their own views, the basic idea generally remains the same.

The first steps have to do with admitting that the alcoholic has a problem, and releasing part of the burden of healing onto God or a higher power. The next part of the process has to do with making amends to all those who the alcoholic has hurt. Finally, the last few steps have to do with making the decision to continue to better oneself, while continuing to practice these guiding principles and helping to spread the message to other addicts and those in need of help. 12 step treatment aims to not only help each individual addict, but it promotes a sense of community and fellowship, so that each addict knows that he or she is not alone on the road to recovery.

Who Should Consider 12 Step Alcohol Treatment?

How do you know if 12 step alcohol treatment is right for you? There’s no specific rule or formula for knowing what kind of treatment will be the most effective, but by knowing your own strengths, weaknesses, and needs, you can decide whether you think this option will work for you.

Because of its foundation in religion, 12 step treatment may be a comfort to those alcoholics with a religious background or upbringing. Many addicts find that it helps to be able to rely on a higher power for strength; they don’t have to take on the burden of recovery by themselves.

Similarly, one of the great aspects of 12 step alcohol treatment programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the strong emphasis that is placed on community. Group meetings and therapy work well for many alcoholics, and many find that it helps to have other people to relate to on such a difficult subject matter.

Whereas some people may find the twelve steps to be too controlling, often it helps to have some kind of structure and a sense of stability, especially when dealing with something as unpredictable as addiction. Having the twelve steps in place can make a recovering addict feel more in control of what’s ahead of him or her, and the steps create smaller, more attainable goals on the path to recovery.

Take the First Step

As with any other rehabilitation option, 12 step treatment may not work for everyone. But since its inception, it has helped countless alcoholics and their families over the course of many years. It’s the most widely available rehab option, and many 12 step alcohol treatment groups do not charge fees for attendance. Finding a group in your area may be the best first step to getting the help you are looking for.