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Finding Affordable Alcohol Treatment

Affordable Alcohol Treatment Program

Finding an affordable alcohol treatment program can help you focus on your recovery and less on the financial obligation.

For those looking to get help for alcohol addiction, finding an affordable alcohol treatment program can feel like an impasse in the road to recovery. Ninety-day inpatient treatment centers may seem like the norm, but these long and intensive treatment programs are understandably expensive, and many addicts and their families simply cannot afford this type of care. Fortunately, there are many other low cost alcohol treatment programs available for those without the means to pay for more intensive (and expensive) inpatient treatment options.

Whatever your financial status, there is a rehab option that’s financially viable for you. If you are able to map out your financial needs and ask the right questions, affordable alcohol treatment centers are within your reach.

Find Out What Treatment Options You Can Afford

For those with health insurance, an affordable alcohol treatment option may be more attainable than you think. You should always start by going over your health insurance policy and seeing if you are covered for any or all of your stay at a rehab center. Don’t be intimidated by your insurance policy or carrier; you should feel free to call them with any questions about what’s included in your policy.

Affordable Alcohol Treatment for Those Without Insurance

Those without insurance are certainly not without options. Finding a low cost alcohol treatment facility may require you to be a little more creative, but this should not discourage you in any way.

Some treatment centers may accept state funding options. State funding is generally acquired through your county’s alcohol and drug addiction services board, whose goal is to help provide affordable alcohol treatment to those who meet certain low-income requirements. You can find out if you qualify by contacting your local addiction services board. They will be able to answer all your questions and let you know what your options are, based on your unique situation.

Find Low Cost Alcohol Treatment Centers Near You

Whatever your financial situation, the best way to begin is by picking up the phone. Look online or in your phonebook for affordable treatment centers in your area, and give them a call to explain your situation. Chances are, they’ve dealt with similar situations before, and they will be able to answer your questions and help you figure out a solution. Some treatment centers may even be able to work with you, and may offer you a payment plan or other means of relief. It never hurts to ask.

Low Cost Alcohol Treatment is Effective

While it’s true that the more intensive inpatient facilities generally have higher success rates when it comes to treating alcohol addiction, it’s important to remember that affordable alcohol treatment can still be just as effective. Don’t let your financial worries get in the way of receiving help; it’s important to get the best help you can afford now, instead of waiting for things to turn around later. There are affordable alcohol treatment centers in your area, and by understanding your limits as well as your options, you will be able to get the help you need from an effective and low cost alcohol treatment program in your area.