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Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Holistic Alcohol Treatment program

Holistic alcohol treatment takes a natural approach to your recovery.

The general idea of holistic alcohol treatment is that an alcoholic is treated as a whole person–mind, body, and spirit–instead of being categorized by a specific disease or symptom. The word “holistic” is very general, and can mean many different things depending on the treatment center.

This treatment style is relatively new, but researchers and addiction specialists are finding that it’s becoming increasingly effective, and holistic treatment for alcoholism is being implemented into even traditional rehab facilities at a growing rate.

Programs and facilities that promote holistic alcoholism treatment will often create customized treatment plans for each individual patient. This facilitates recovery by focusing on an individual’s specific weaknesses and triggers for addiction, while taking care not to make the patient feel uncomfortable or tempted to revert back to unhealthy habits.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Options

Holistic alcoholism treatment and therapy often combines traditional methods with new and customized approaches to treatment, so the available options are widespread and can vary greatly from one rehab program to the next.

Detoxification: Virtually all alcoholism treatment programs start with a period of detoxification. Getting all traces of alcohol out of your system and helping your body to move past the physical and psychological withdrawal stage is an important first step in treating alcoholism. Holistic alcohol treatment is no different, but many holistic treatment centers take it a step further; because the aim is to treat the individual as a whole, holistic detox includes both medical and natural procedures to heal you physically and mentally, so that the withdrawal process is as painless as possible. During this process, the patient also begins healing of the mind and body, so that he or she is strong enough to face the next step of recovery when the time comes.

Meditation and yoga: Holistic treatment for alcoholism treats mental and physical health as equally important, and through such stress-reducing activities as meditation, yoga, and others, patients are able to achieve a sense of peace and inner strength in both mind and body. This unification is vital in the holistic treatment method.

Diet and nutrition: Again, the focus of holistic alcohol treatment is overall healthy living, and there’s no better way to achieve this than through proper diet and nutrition. The right foods can promote health in both mind and body, and it can help patients gain their strength and stamina, which are important allies on the road to recovery.

Holistic psychotherapy: Like their more traditional counterparts, a good holistic alcoholism treatment program understands the importance of counseling in dealing with addiction. The difference between holistic and conventional approaches is that holistic counselors try to gain a full understanding of individual patients’ struggles and history with alcoholism, and they create a counseling plan that involves the mind, the body, and the spirit. This allows patients to find their center of balance, so that they are at their peak for avoiding and overcoming the urge to resort back to old, unhealthy habits and choices.

Holistic Treatment for Alcoholism is Effective

Despite the array of options, holistic treatment for alcoholism always reverts back to the idea that an individual should be treated as a whole person, instead of simply treating the symptoms of a disease. Holistic alcohol treatment contends that when a person is able to find healing and comfort as a whole, he or she will be able to recover more quickly and stay sober for longer. Many people, both addicts and the professionals who treat them, are finding increasing success and recovery rates with this treatment method. If you have tried other, more conventional treatment methods but have not been successful, or if you feel that a different, more customized approach appeals to you, then holistic treatment for alcoholism may be what you need in order to finally reach your sobriety goals.